Monday, June 23, 2008

Best Beer Light in the history of the world...

When contacting Budweiser and asking them why they didn't use the Sabres current and allegedly popular "stylized bison" logo of the hockey club, a marketing spokesman for the suds maker said that the current logo "would not work" in their design and based on its appearance "the current logo is more suited to be floating at the bottom of a bottle of Cuervo."

That's too bad.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome aboard Portland Pirates!

First of all, welcome Portland as the new Sabres affiliate!

Second, I had a couple issues with the ridiculous cliche that Darcy and Larry participated in when they brough a pan of Buffalo wings to the press conference. That's not hot sauce you're smelling, it's utter weaksauce. Buffalo; Chicken Wings, Lake Effect Snow, and 4 losing Super Bowls. Way to play into the Stereotype fellas.

Third, Brian Petrovek and his "The Buffalo Sabres had us at hello" Jerry Magwire reference was dropped about 10 years too late. I then was waiting for a "I'm Rick James Bitch" to follow accompianed with a swift pimp crack to the managing partners nose...

Fourteenthly, Mr. Lyman Bullard's scripted reference to the Sabres' new logo and the speed and power it represents straight up pissed me off. To any Portland fans who stumble upon this site researching your new parent club and Nathan Gerbe, don't listen to that propaganda. Please, listen to our not-for-profit propaganda.

Portland's jerseys are interesting...they certainly look to have influences from the Sabres red and black thirds...

Some may say they are busy but I like these.

I'm not quite sure how the Portland felt about their last logo...but I would say the current one is an improvement over this.

Looks like the guy has a an albino with a gender preference issue, a WWII Japenese flag on his head, and is chewing on some sort of miniature chimney poker forged into a hockeystick by some ADHD blacksmith who forgot to finish the other end.

Portland fans speak now! Are you going to coin up for your slug gear when your logo is superior? Are you going to cough up your booty to Larry Quinn? I don't think slugs are too fond of buckos, join up and help that bilge-sucking black spot of a logo walk the plank and shrivel up to death in the briny deep!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Story time...

Hey everybody, be sure to read the slimy tale of Sluggerud and how he's trying to get back to Coon Slug Forest and the sneaky Billionaire's Yes Man who persuaded him to relocate. Let's help this poor son of a bitch out and get him back home.

"Sluggerud" a Coon Slug Story