Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thirds still winning!

For anyone not keeping count, the Sabres are 8-1-2 in their third jerseys this season. It's previously been noted here that they were equally effective last season.

Here are the numbers as compiled on SabreSpace:

White Slugs: 18-17-6
Blue Slugs: 11-11-8
Blue Thirds: 12-4-0

White Slugs: 13-12-3
Blue Slugs: 12-5-4
Blue Thirds: 8-1-2

Note: they've worn the thirds on the road twice (in Toronto last season and in Philly this season) and their white slugs at home at least once (against the Flyers this season.) I think that I have them all correct, but may be off by one somewhere.

As an aside, the difference this season compared to last is that they have been winning more in the blue slugs. The white slugs continue to be just above .500 and the thirds continue to be unbelievably good. The blue slugs have gone from .500 to pretty good (12 wins, 9 losses.)