Friday, March 26, 2010

New Blue and Gold Project is still around.

And here is the script uniform concept that some of you were talking about that John designed. Excellent.

Fan idea or not, it would be nice ...

Didn't want people to get the wrong idea. The design would be OK with me.

A note on Charlies link

I'm going to say that it is just one fan's idea of what the design will look like. Compare the designs that Frank Cravotta works with to a commercial jersey customizer:

Which does the below design look more like?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another 40th Anniversary third jersey concept?

Sabres colors, paired with the vintage script of the AHL Bisons. It seems to align with the description from Icethetics' recent post from Chris' source. I think this is either a concept idea submission or a real deal 'mockup', which trys to make believable given the marketing language that is spliced along with the picture focusing on creating a look that will pair well with existing team merchandise offerings.

I know it's only a one year 40th anniversary special uniform but this or a likeness of it should please a lot of young and old hardcore Sabres fans alike. I certainly am not the biggest script logo fan, but even though they did go along with Minnesota's idea, they made it unique, not baseball looking, classy, and relevant to Buffalo hockey history. If this is close to the real thing, it will be well received.

If indeed that is a screen shot of a Sabres creative designer's monitor, then that is a well executed drive-by with the camera phone. FTW.

Image from a forum posting and owned by LetsGoBuffalo83.

New Thirds?

Our friend Chris at Icethetics has a new update about next year's NHL jerseys, and there's some information about Buffalo's new unis, including the new third jersey. Chris has good sources so it sounds like the Sabres are getting a retro-themed third for the 40th Anniversary Season, complete with the original blue and gold colors. Based on the description, Chris mocked this up:

Not too bad, but the baseball-esque script could use some work. Consider that it's just Chris' mock-up. I'd have to see the real deal to make a real judgement. Minnesota's new thirds also feature a traditional script logo, which when first described sounded boring, but once they were unveiled, I thought they looked fantastic. If the Sabres can capture that and make it unique, I think it will be a great looking jersey.

What say you?