Friday, March 26, 2010

A note on Charlies link

I'm going to say that it is just one fan's idea of what the design will look like. Compare the designs that Frank Cravotta works with to a commercial jersey customizer:

Which does the below design look more like?


Drew Celestino said...

It's most likely just a fan concept, but if they did go with that, I think it would be great.

Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

If we know it's going to be a script jersey, then with what we know about Buffalo hockey history, why wouldn't the team use the Bisons' script on the jersey? It makes perfect sense.

Drew Celestino said...

Agreed, but I guess it is almost a little too good to be true.

Hey, after the slug fiasco, any possible Sabres jersey that isn't a complete joke will get me excited.

Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

If you read the write up in the picture, it is described as a 3rd jersey concept. I do believe this is something possibly pitched to the team that was accepted or eventually some slight variant.