Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Thirds?

Our friend Chris at Icethetics has a new update about next year's NHL jerseys, and there's some information about Buffalo's new unis, including the new third jersey. Chris has good sources so it sounds like the Sabres are getting a retro-themed third for the 40th Anniversary Season, complete with the original blue and gold colors. Based on the description, Chris mocked this up:

Not too bad, but the baseball-esque script could use some work. Consider that it's just Chris' mock-up. I'd have to see the real deal to make a real judgement. Minnesota's new thirds also feature a traditional script logo, which when first described sounded boring, but once they were unveiled, I thought they looked fantastic. If the Sabres can capture that and make it unique, I think it will be a great looking jersey.

What say you?


Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

I agree if they can capture what Minny did that would be both cool and unfortunate at the same time. Minny did it first. Stop the copycat killing and be original1

dave in Rocha said...

If this does end up mimicking the Minny 3rds I won't have any problems. Those thirds are one of the nicest looking sweaters in the league.

And as for copying? Well one could argue that the Habs and Bruins are pretty similar in both sweater design and logo concept (both logos are basically a letter with some other stuff going on around it), but you don't hear anyone complaining about them.

Anonymous said...

Cravotta, just don't screw up this time.