Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vanek, Sabres and Thirds Finish Strong

(Yes, Tellqvist made that save.)

A meaningless game, for sure, but a strong one for the Sabres, sinking the Bruins' bid for the President's Trophy with a 6-1 victory. Thomas Vanek hit the 40-goal mark for the second time in three years (he has 37 in an "off year" last season) with two goals. Finally, the thirds finish with an astounding 12-4-0 record on the season (plus, a 2-1-0 record when using the third logo helmet with the slug jerseys) as compared to the odd 9-10-8 record in the slug jerseys and helmets. In the thirds, they captured 75% of their available points; with just the third helmet, 67%; and with the slug, a paltry 48%. Even more amazing are the win percents for each: 75% in the thirds, 67% in the slug with third helmet and just 33% with slug helmet and jerseys. Your honor (Larry Quinn), we rest our case!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sabres/Thirds Look To Finish On A Positive Note

For the second year in a row, the Sabres will finish the season with a meaningless game against the playoff-bound Bruins. The only question remaining is whether the third jerseys will finish 12-4-0, 11-4-1 or 11-5-0. Any of those would be impressive, but our cause would be best supported by one more victory ... perhaps its last as just a third jersey.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Versus Commentators Jinx Thirds

OK, really it was just a case of the (much) better team winning, but it didn't help when mid-game the versus commentators talked about the "magical jerseys" that the Sabres were wearing, pointing out their (previously) 11-3-0 record. Oh well, 11-4-0 is still impressive and they will have a chance to finish 12-4-0 against Boston in the final game of the regular season. Unfortunately, in a case of déjà vu, that game will probably be a meaningless game for the Sabres, just like last year, as the Sabres will likely be around that same 90-point mark, a few short of the final playoff spot.

After two straight seasons defining mediocrity, what better time for a change of image? Hopefully, we'll be seeing a new away jersey next year to match the new homes jersey (current thirds.) Though, I hope that's not the only move that they make this offseason.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Miller Unveils New "Third Jersey" Helmet

As first broken by Phil in March, Miller has a new helmet to go with the third jerseys:

Not sure that I see the third jersey connection and there are neither Sabres (except the one on the back) nor Slugs. Interesting, but not my cup of tea.

Thirds Face True Test

The third logo on the helmet wasn't enough to overcome a 3-goal deficit against New Jersey on Saturday, but tonight the Sabres will don their full third uniforms. They will need ever ounce of power that they and the thirds possess to overcome the defending Stanley Cup champion Detroit Red Wings, but prevail they must.