Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vanek, Sabres and Thirds Finish Strong

(Yes, Tellqvist made that save.)

A meaningless game, for sure, but a strong one for the Sabres, sinking the Bruins' bid for the President's Trophy with a 6-1 victory. Thomas Vanek hit the 40-goal mark for the second time in three years (he has 37 in an "off year" last season) with two goals. Finally, the thirds finish with an astounding 12-4-0 record on the season (plus, a 2-1-0 record when using the third logo helmet with the slug jerseys) as compared to the odd 9-10-8 record in the slug jerseys and helmets. In the thirds, they captured 75% of their available points; with just the third helmet, 67%; and with the slug, a paltry 48%. Even more amazing are the win percents for each: 75% in the thirds, 67% in the slug with third helmet and just 33% with slug helmet and jerseys. Your honor (Larry Quinn), we rest our case!

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Phil said...

What a sad win, but what a great time I had at that game. Never sat in Harbour Club box seats before :D

In a side note, Telly looks better cold than Lalime looks on a hot streak. Just my two cents.