Saturday, February 26, 2011

Straight From The Pegula's Mouth - "It's Goin"

Perhaps you've heard of Jessie Pegula, middle daughter of one Terry Pegula. Perhaps you've seen her on Twitter interacting with a crap ton of Sabres fans. Perhaps you've read her blog (which I inspired her to set up after finding out she guest blogged on Hockeybuzz. JUST SAY NO TO HOCKEYBUZZ.)

Perhaps you've seen this video. Perhaps you haven't. Jump to 1:25. Mission accomplished.

UPDATE: It seems I've made a delightful mess of things. After spreading the news of what was contained within the video - quoting her dad as saying "I don't really like how people call it The Slug but it's goin" - it's been pulled from YouTube. The damage is done. It's out there. It's coming down.

UPDATE 2: The video is back online, albeit with a different title. The aforementioned content is still in place, though.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Pegula Presser

You Sabres, Not Slugs! readers may not know this, but I've got my own Sabres blog (Black & Blue & Gold). I found out I'll be attending the Pegula presser as a member of the media and I've been kicking my mind's butt to come up with good questions to ask. One that will definitely be on the list for Terry Pegula is "Reportedly, as a fan of the original uniforms, will you be completing the team brand identity's transition from the 'Slug' to the modified vintage designs?" It can't hurt to ask if the jumbotron and Sabres Store Slugs will be removed.

The press conference starts at 11AM and will be streamed at SabresTV as well as on WGR550 on the radio and Ch. 4 on the television.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buffalo Bills new uniform update.

The 'little birdies' are already creeping out and we already have some more details on the forthcoming Buffalo Bills uniform. One detail that is frustratingly disappointing is the mention of navy blue trim. I do not understand why they thought royal blue with navy trim would work when navy blue with royal trim didn't work in the last disaster. Someone from One Bills Drive please email me on that if you ever see this blog, I would like a dialog with you! Why not trim it in nickel or something and drop the navy blue all together!?!?

The update comes from Paul Lukas who is the authority on this stuff and his source described the new uniforms.

"These new Bills uniforms are clearly modeled after the later Simpson-era design, including the white helmet, but they’ve been updated to include a tiny amount of navy blue trim.

In my opinion, the navy blue is probably not necessary, but the uniforms do look quite good, and any sort of socks are an upgrade in my book. I wish they would update that darn logo, though. I’ve always preferred the solid red standing buffalo to the blue leaping buffalo, but I don’t think the retro logo works seamlessly with this new set, either. It is what it is. An upgrade, for sure."

Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, It's Official

Well folks, it's official. The Quinn/Golisano era is over, and the Pegula era is forthcoming. From all accounts, it sounds like it's going to be a great new chapter in the history of the Sabres and I for one am really excited about it.

But with new owners can sometimes come new uniforms. And that's a prospect I dread. The Sabres have FINALLY gotten their uniforms and logo right for the first time since they changed to red and black back in 1996. The thought of yet another change is just unbearable. The logo and uniforms they currently wear are all the fans could ever ask for (and more!).

But... that's not to say we couldn't tweak a few things, right?

My main point of contention is the "sweat stain" gray patches in the underarms. They serve no purpose, and while harmless on the blue jerseys, look horrible on the whites, which are among the classiest in the league, by far. They do live up to their derogatory namesake. They look like dark pit stains. And that's just not cutting it. So, first tweak: lose the gray pit stains. Blue and white will suffice.

My second issue is the continued use of the old slug jersey number font on the helmets. Nit-picky, sure. But it's inconsistent with the jersey number style and only serves as a reminder to the slug era, which is best left forgotten.

Getting into more nit-picky territory are the silver stripes inside the gold stripes on the sleeves and waist of the jerseys. This is one modern update that I don't really mind, but if it went away I wouldn't complain either. They do break up the striping a bit, but I don't know that they're really necessary.

These issues aside, I have no complains and nothing but praise, to be honest.

So, let's hope Mr. Pegula is like-minded and leaves well enough alone. And boy let's hope he's not a fan of the slug...