Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buffalo Bills new uniform update.

The 'little birdies' are already creeping out and we already have some more details on the forthcoming Buffalo Bills uniform. One detail that is frustratingly disappointing is the mention of navy blue trim. I do not understand why they thought royal blue with navy trim would work when navy blue with royal trim didn't work in the last disaster. Someone from One Bills Drive please email me on that if you ever see this blog, I would like a dialog with you! Why not trim it in nickel or something and drop the navy blue all together!?!?

The update comes from Paul Lukas who is the authority on this stuff and his source described the new uniforms.

"These new Bills uniforms are clearly modeled after the later Simpson-era design, including the white helmet, but they’ve been updated to include a tiny amount of navy blue trim.

In my opinion, the navy blue is probably not necessary, but the uniforms do look quite good, and any sort of socks are an upgrade in my book. I wish they would update that darn logo, though. I’ve always preferred the solid red standing buffalo to the blue leaping buffalo, but I don’t think the retro logo works seamlessly with this new set, either. It is what it is. An upgrade, for sure."


Lee said...

The Bills new uniforms look remarkably like their OLD uniforms. That is, before Kay Stephenson changed to the red helmets. And Bills management later changed the unis primary color to Navy blue from royal blue. I myself didnt like the Navy blue pants with the Navy blue jerseys.
The new (old) look is great!

Anonymous said...

The leaping Buffalo is far better than a logo where a buffalo stands grazing. I wish when teams say they are going to create a new was new! I don't want to rehash my childhood. I want to see some reflection on team history with a new twist.

I for one, actually liked the newer uniforms and have become quite sick of "throwback" uniforms being used very other week.

Yeah...100th anniversary..throwbacks are great. Then put them away until 125th.