Monday, February 21, 2011

The Pegula Presser

You Sabres, Not Slugs! readers may not know this, but I've got my own Sabres blog (Black & Blue & Gold). I found out I'll be attending the Pegula presser as a member of the media and I've been kicking my mind's butt to come up with good questions to ask. One that will definitely be on the list for Terry Pegula is "Reportedly, as a fan of the original uniforms, will you be completing the team brand identity's transition from the 'Slug' to the modified vintage designs?" It can't hurt to ask if the jumbotron and Sabres Store Slugs will be removed.

The press conference starts at 11AM and will be streamed at SabresTV as well as on WGR550 on the radio and Ch. 4 on the television.


Drew Celestino said...

That's awesome Phil! Good luck!

Charlie and I have been chasing a rumor that the slug is returning next year as the third jersey. If you could get some info on this that would be awesome.

You may also want to ask why the slug remains on the scoreboard.

Phil said...

So I choked on my questions. Sorry guys. First press conference and all. Will definitely be asking about both the Slug and my other topic - a new regional sports network - at the next presser.

Drew Celestino said...

No problem Phil. There was a lot going on I'm sure.

But from the backdrop to the pins on their lapels, I think it's safe to assume that the slug's days are done.

carpandean said...
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carpandean said...

From my own source - and Charlie can confirm it's a good one - the Slug is not coming back. This was reconfirmed today.

Drew Celestino said...

Good news! Nay. GREAT news!