Monday, February 7, 2011

Well, It's Official

Well folks, it's official. The Quinn/Golisano era is over, and the Pegula era is forthcoming. From all accounts, it sounds like it's going to be a great new chapter in the history of the Sabres and I for one am really excited about it.

But with new owners can sometimes come new uniforms. And that's a prospect I dread. The Sabres have FINALLY gotten their uniforms and logo right for the first time since they changed to red and black back in 1996. The thought of yet another change is just unbearable. The logo and uniforms they currently wear are all the fans could ever ask for (and more!).

But... that's not to say we couldn't tweak a few things, right?

My main point of contention is the "sweat stain" gray patches in the underarms. They serve no purpose, and while harmless on the blue jerseys, look horrible on the whites, which are among the classiest in the league, by far. They do live up to their derogatory namesake. They look like dark pit stains. And that's just not cutting it. So, first tweak: lose the gray pit stains. Blue and white will suffice.

My second issue is the continued use of the old slug jersey number font on the helmets. Nit-picky, sure. But it's inconsistent with the jersey number style and only serves as a reminder to the slug era, which is best left forgotten.

Getting into more nit-picky territory are the silver stripes inside the gold stripes on the sleeves and waist of the jerseys. This is one modern update that I don't really mind, but if it went away I wouldn't complain either. They do break up the striping a bit, but I don't know that they're really necessary.

These issues aside, I have no complains and nothing but praise, to be honest.

So, let's hope Mr. Pegula is like-minded and leaves well enough alone. And boy let's hope he's not a fan of the slug...

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