Friday, March 27, 2009

Sabres Hold Off Leafs In Miller's Return

Well, they certainly turned a 4-0 lead into an interesting game as they allowed the Leafs to score three fluky goals, but Goose sealed the deal making it 5-3. The goal completed Paul's so-called Gordie Howe hat trick (a goal, an assist and a fight.) Timmy C also potted two and Hecht got a classic-form Jochen goal in the win. The thirds' record climbed to 11-3-0 (plus another 2-0-0 when wearing third logos on their helmets with the slug jerseys) with the victory.

Sabres Face Leafs in Thirds ... Again

For the fourth time (three at home, one on the road), the Sabres face the Leafs in their third jerseys (that might explain why they are the only team below them that they have a decent record against.) With just nine games left and being five points out of 8th, the Sabres are in full-on must-win mode now. Good time to wear the thirds.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What do I spy with my little eye ...

The Sabres channeled a little piece of the third logo power into a big third period comeback. How many games have they lost with the slug on their helmets?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sabres Get A Little Moore, But Come Up With A Little Less.

Dominic Moore notched his first goal as a Sabre, but the team couldn't hold off the high-flying Flyers forwards, losing 6-4. Former Sabre Marty Biron kept the Sabres forwards in check, while fellow former Sabre Danny Briere scored twice. It was just the third loss in the third jerseys this season, moving them to 10-3-0.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Third Game, Another (Pretty Much) Must Win

Yet again, due to their poor performances in the slug, the Sabres are facing another game that they can't afford to lose in their thirds. Tonight will be a true test as the Sabres have yet to win against the Flyboys, despite being tied going into the third of the last two. Can the thirds convince them to play a full 60 minutes?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Score of 3-1 leads to 10-2 record

Thomas Vanek's fir...SECOND goal back from his broken jaw killed the suspense, and Patty Lalime's epic play in the Sabres' crease led the Blue and Gold to a 3-1 victory against the Panthers. The Sabres are trailing the Panthers by two now - two points out of 8th. Next up are the Flyers on the 20th.

"Must Win" Third Game

If you have to play what, at this point in the season, is as close to a must win game as it gets (they won't face a true "must win" game for a little while, yet), then you might as well do it in your 9-2 third jerseys. Tonight's so-called "four point game" against the Panthers could be the spark that gets the Sabres headed back to the playoffs or it could be the straw that breaks the proverbial camel's back for the second straight season. Let's hope the thirds' run continues and the Sabres get headed back in the right direction.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Miller honors the third jersey with new mask

I know this isn't the usual subject matter we would focus on here at Sabres, Not Slugs!, but I found a cool little tidbit regarding Ryan Miller. Stowed away on his website,, Ryan talks about a BRAND NEW MASK he's having finished up to be worn SPECIFICALLY with the third jersey!

In honor of my mask contest I am hoping to have a new design on the ice when I return from injury. Ray Bishop is putting the finishing touches on a mask that I can wear with our third jersey. I wanted to have a little fun and do something different so I have a mask coming that uses traditional Japanese tattoo symbols including a dragon and a tiger which both have great meaning (which would take a long time to explain). I am a big fan of tattoo art but I am too big of a wimp to actually get any work done so my mask becomes that canvas. It will have some very subtle references to the Sabres and some great examples of the classic tattoo art so I am excited to see it as a finished product.

I'm excited to see it, too. Yakuza tattoo art and Sabres logos on a mask together? Sounds epic. I hope to see a ton of pics as soon as he returns to action.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sabres trash Habs, 5-1

In one beauty of a game, featuring the departure of Ales Kotalik and the return of both Thomas Vanek and Max Afinogenov, our Sabres trounced the Canadiens by a final score of 5-1. Both Roy and Goose scored twice (Goose with a PP goal AND shorthanded goal), and Spacek used a move on a defenseman I don't think any of us thought he had in him. This win moves the Sabres to within one point of being back in the playoffs, but (almost as importantly) improved their record in the third jersey to 9-2. Congrats, boys - keep doing that logo proud

Post-Deadline Thirds Game

With a little over an hour left before the deadline, it remains to see who will be wearing the thirds. So far, we may see Tellqvist backing up Lalime and everyone will cringe a little more whenever Tim Connolly takes a hit. Hopefully, more will be coming ...

Either way, we need the team to look good (playing-wise; we know they will jersey-wise) tonight in their thirds.