Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What do I spy with my little eye ...

The Sabres channeled a little piece of the third logo power into a big third period comeback. How many games have they lost with the slug on their helmets?


Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

I say that the overall third jersey record should reflect the fact the classic logo on the helmets. Kind of a half a sack scenario.

10 1/2-3-0

carpandean said...

Ah ... but you forgot about the first time that I pointed out the third logo on the helmets. When was that again? Oh yeah, after the January 6th Sabres-Sens game. And what was special about that Sens game? I mean other than Ruutu biting Peters. Well look at that, it was the only time that we actually beat them!

Seriously, that's just crazy.