Friday, March 20, 2009

Another Third Game, Another (Pretty Much) Must Win

Yet again, due to their poor performances in the slug, the Sabres are facing another game that they can't afford to lose in their thirds. Tonight will be a true test as the Sabres have yet to win against the Flyboys, despite being tied going into the third of the last two. Can the thirds convince them to play a full 60 minutes?


Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

If they make the playoffs, they NEED to wear those jerseys at home.

The logo must have been sewn up with Mojo thread.

Phil said...

They better not eff this up tonight - I'm really looking forward to writing another one of my glowing post-game reports following a win in the third jersey!

carpandean said...

Even the thirds didn't have enough to make up for their recent play, especially against the Flyers, who have owned them all year.