Saturday, February 26, 2011

Straight From The Pegula's Mouth - "It's Goin"

Perhaps you've heard of Jessie Pegula, middle daughter of one Terry Pegula. Perhaps you've seen her on Twitter interacting with a crap ton of Sabres fans. Perhaps you've read her blog (which I inspired her to set up after finding out she guest blogged on Hockeybuzz. JUST SAY NO TO HOCKEYBUZZ.)

Perhaps you've seen this video. Perhaps you haven't. Jump to 1:25. Mission accomplished.

UPDATE: It seems I've made a delightful mess of things. After spreading the news of what was contained within the video - quoting her dad as saying "I don't really like how people call it The Slug but it's goin" - it's been pulled from YouTube. The damage is done. It's out there. It's coming down.

UPDATE 2: The video is back online, albeit with a different title. The aforementioned content is still in place, though.


Drew Celestino said...

I find the media attention and the way grown men "follow" the teenage daughter of the owner a little creepy, but very good news!

Guess this blog is going to need a new purpose going forward...

Any ideas gents?

Phil said...

Well, the Slugs may be coming down from the jumbotron but we still have some on the 100LVL Sabres Stores. The mission isn't over yet.

Drew Celestino said...

Not to mention the large ones mounted in the concourse bar area. Slowly but surely, it'll be gone. The new senior management team strikes me as very sharp. They want to build a legacy for this team. A singular, identifiable branding is part of that. It can't come soon enough.

Philip said...

Hearing on Twitter that it appeared during RAW tonight that the Slugs were already gone. Can't confirm, no pics. Would love to be able to.