Friday, March 11, 2011

Buffalo Sabres open the "Suggestion Box"

From the Suggestion Box page at the Sabres website:

With the Sabres returning to their original logo when can we expect to see all of the “Slug” logos removed from the arena?

That will happen. While it won’t be possible to remove each “slug” from the arena immediately, they will be phased out as quickly as possible. Like the red wall in the seating bowl, there are some features of the Arena, such as the scoreboard, that cannot be altered or removed until the off-season because of time and access constraints. However, we will revert to our traditional logo and be “slug free” prior to the start of next season.

Ted Black - President


There's some other great things to come from the suggestion box, such as the painting of the red wall on the 100 level. All in all, I'd say that Terry Pegula and Ted Black "get it" more than Golisano or Quinn ever did, and it's so refreshing to see owners that care. It genuinely feels like the start of a tremendous new era for the Buffalo Sabres and I couldn't be more thrilled. -Drew

Also, an update is forthcoming as Drew Celestino was interviewed by the Associated Press. We will post the article as soon as it is released.

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carpandean said...

There seems to be a strong chance that what we see next season - on and off of the ice - will be not only different, but better than what we've seen before!

This summer, my fanhood was at an all-time low. Now, it's at an all-time high!