Saturday, November 10, 2007

Winter Classic Vintage Musings


"Wearing the classic white jersey is the perfect fit for a classic outdoor game," said Buffalo Sabres Managing Partner, Larry Quinn. "Our future retro jersey will be the dark blue sweater, so this maybe one of the last times our team wears this jersey. One more historic footnote to the game."

Oh, Larry. I wish I could quit you.

I think you all know how we feel about this statement. What say you, Sabre faithful?


Charlie said...

It must have been awful crowded in that tent between you, Larry, Gary Bettman, and RBK's brass.

Drew Celestino said...

LOL Taking it to the next level Charlie. Very nice! [/borat]

In all seriousness - what a pompous quote. I hope it's just a marketing ploy. To see a uniform that classy sitting on the shelf is beyond a travesty.

Looking around the League this year, I find the best unis are the ones that look the most traditional. So many others however, in their attempts to be "modern" and "sleek" only look dated and trendy. Ironic, isn't it?

That's just me. I admit I could be wrong.