Friday, December 21, 2007

Washington Capitals revert to uniforms of non-RBK Edge material...All of them

Obviously the NHL and RBK screwed up when a team, the ENTIRE team opt for uniforms made from non-RBK Edge system perfromance fabrics....

Autumn Sweaters – Given the choice to return to using the same fabric that was used in hockey sweaters prior to this season rather than the ultra-hyped “uniform systems” that were introduced league-wide prior to this season, every single member of the Caps went with last year’s fabric. Wednesday night marked the first time the new (old) sweater fabric was made available, and every member of the Caps had the new model sweater with the old fabric hanging in his locker prior to the game.

That matters to Buffalo because they were the first teams along with Anaheim to have their uniforms redesigned and inspired by the RBK Edge Uniform System...and that included all those late changes that included all the design elements (possibly no circular logos, vertical piping, less horizontal striping)that made the uniform required to be tucked in (idea later scrapped by the players association or owners).

So where do the Sabres players stand on this? I'm sure there are others out there

Have they quietly switched uniforms and knowing the sensitivity of the uniform/logo issue quietly did so without mentionioning it to the fans?

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