Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ask SabresNotSlugs...

"First off, i am in no way meaning to be disrepectful with this question...

Depending on the design, would you complain on a brand new logo design, which was not our vintage or the concept logo design?"

No disrespect at all asking that.

The reason I like the concept jersey is that it really proves false all that Sabres' management said "would not work" on the new uniforms if they had went with the classic or an update of it. They simply let RBK do what THEY wanted to do to the uniform and logo. The new uniform is actually well done...the logo part is bad... They are two separate elements of the uniform and I try to make sure people know I like the jersey and hate the logo.

If they were going to make a brand new logo, they had better make it a classy and tasteful update of the original and let the fans in on the design process.
If they followed those guidelines I would be pretty happy and so would most of the fans.

I want to see the majority of fans happy and I think really they would like to see the vintage uniforms back as the primary on ice jersey. I really hate that slug as the public face of the team. It brings discredit to the tradition and pride of Sabres hockey.

So to sum up...I would complain if they re-did the logo and screwed it up again. But I would hope that wouldn't happen...between John Slabyk's work and the concept logo, they can come up with a good looking updated vintage crest and slap that on our current uniforms.

Now here are some questions for you. I do want to see the Sabres make money off this...if the "concept logo" was our actual logo and jersey and the vintage was still our third jersey, if you had the money, would you buy both jerseys? And would you be happy with either logo as the identity of the team?

See, I'm only trying to promote the idea of having two long term good looking (and good selling) jerseys. Right now, I think the slug sales are tapering off is only sticking around to urge on sales of the vintage that is coming back.

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