Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sleeping with the enemy...

Dear God in heaven, Hell No! This is just about as bad as it gets for me...Somewhere out there, in Cheektowaga little Timmy rests his head on these guys every night.

The only thing worse I can think of is selling a Hitler Bobblehead.

Part of the embarassment I have for this logo is looking how even more ridiculous the slug looks in the merchandise that the team is pushing along with it. Is there really a die hard fan out there that would really buy this for themselves or their kid?

I guarantee a studly bachelor(ette) will not be getting one scrap of ass rocking the slug sheets.

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Drew Celestino said...

Sadly Charlie, you better believe there are parents shelling out their hard-earned money for this garbage. And even more sadly, there's a generation of Sabres fans who now know the Sabres only by the abomination sprung on us two short years ago.

When people would ask me why I was so passionate about my Fix the Logo campaign, ask me what the big deal was, well, this is part of what I was talking about.

It's not just a logo. It's the team's identity in mass media, on shirts, on hats, on all merchandised crap they sell, on the scores screen on ESPN (assuming they know what hockey is).

This pathetic, flacid joke is the face of the franchise.

When both ownership and management are openly viewed as cheapskates and deadbeats, you'd think you'd at least want to have some pride in the logo, but just like everything else Sabres-related these days, B-Tom and The Lawrence giveth, and B-Tom and The Lawrence taketh away.