Friday, February 6, 2009

Sabres hold off Habs

A hard fought and well earned 3-2 win over a very good Montreal Canadiens team extended the third jersey's impressive record to 7-1 on the season. Man, that's amazing. A message from the hockey gods, perhaps?

(Note: I picked this photo in honor of my jersey and the great play Mair made to setup Paetsch for their second goal.)


Phil said...

I would have posted this myself, but I was in attendance tonight! Those third jerseys are more gorgeous live than they are on television.

carpandean said...

Unfortunately, the only game that I got to see in person was a week before they debuted the thirds. Also, unfortunate, was their play versus the Flyers in that game. Could use those two points (four, relative to the Flyers) right now.