Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 Draft Hat = No Slug, Of Course

We know the Slug is dead to rights. But isn't it nice to see little bits and pieces of evidence that further it along?

According to a number of web forums, this is the Sabres' next draft hat:

Besides being kinda ugly, lookit that bright, beautiful crest front and center. No Slug to be found. Amen.


carpandean said...

So, what do you think, current thirds (new homes) as '10 draft jerseys? I don't expect that they will have revealed their new away or third (40th) jerseys by then, and that's not really the time. It was blue Slug last year and white slug in '08.

Phil said...

I agree about the new homes being the '10 draft jersey. Only way they can tie in the death of the Slug without revealing the two new jerseys.