Monday, August 23, 2010

New 40th jersey...Checkered Numbers?

Sabres Hockey Central has uncovered some more possible details about the new 40th Anniversary alternate. Their source informs and claims that indeed a new white away jersey is set to arrive for the upcoming season and that the new alternate is going to have some unique surprises that may hit or miss with the fans.

"The new 3rd jersey will look very different from anything the Sabres have done before. It will be royal blue with a “Buffalo” script in white across the front, with the player’s number underneath. A vintage logo will be underneath the script with 20 on one side of the sabres and 10 on the other."

Ryan from came up with a mock-up after hearing the details.

I think the 20 and 10 will however be inside the shield like the 'puck drop' banner that is available now.

I'm a little puzzled with how the Sabres decribed this new jersey in the puck drop announcement. If this is to be a new permanent alternate third jersey from here forward, why have 2010 slapped on the front? If the new jersey is just for this year, then does that mean a slug is coming back as a potential home alternate for 2011-2012? That would be illogical, but possible until the team comes up with another alternate uniform...maybe a gold one? Either way the slug is still on the way out, or at least a minimized role and that pleases me greatly. Now, I just stand confused about the third jersey future probably as much as the Buffalo Sabres are likely to be.

They are about as good as laying out a new uniform and promoting as Nicholas Cage is at balancing his checkbook.


I have a source I trust who said there is no checkered designs involved with the new jersey. They did confirm that the nameplate on the back is correct with the colors used in the mock-up but other than that the quote when shown the picture was "Not even close".


carpandean said...
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carpandean said...

I believe at the Puck Drop announcement, they also said that the jersey would reflect how jerseys used to be made. I've been wondering a lot about what that means. If you look at the mini-pack header, that would imply a lot of little stripes like we saw with one of the Montreal concepts. I have one such concept that I'm working on with the script Buffalo in an arch over the old logo (with 20 and 10) over a chest stripe (similar to the Blackhawks WC jersey.) I can't figure out how the number will also be below. Maybe I'll post it in a bit.