Monday, October 25, 2010

Slug is still around...for good or not?

This is absolutely ridiculous. Right now as I understand it and hearing some off the record stuff, the 40th jersey is just a one year deal and what I was hoping not to happen most likely will...the slug as a possible third jersey in 2011-2012.

What is even more ridiculous is the Sabres director of Public Relations referring to the logo by its most affectionate nickname. Smooth should have made your intentions for the identity of this team very clear back in September.

“We never said the ‘slug’ was going to go away,” said Michael Gilbert, Sabres director of public relations. “It’s on the scoreboard and elsewhere in the arena.”

Why such a vague quote? Can't he elaborate further? Why WOULDN'T it eventually go away?

I can only hope the 'slug' is only still around while advertising deals already in place that may have included use of the slug logo eventually expire and then...finally that stupid ass logo will too FOR GOOD.

Please tell Frank Cravotta to start cobbling a new slug free scoreboard and locker room board!

The Slug is going to stick around?


Drew Celestino said...

Not much to go on in that piece. While they said it wouldn't go away, other sources have said it will be phases out as licensing deals expire. And haven't we heard from other reliable sources that it will never return to the uniform?

I think they're just explaining while it's still around right now. If it's still hanging around next year, then worry.

carpandean said...

Very cautiously selected words. As mentioned, a lot of advertisers still use it, so they can't say "we killed that stupid abomination!!!" The advertisers can read the writing on the wall, but don't feel forced into changing everything immediately.

I'm fairly confident that the slug won't be the third next season or anytime soon. You can never rule out a one-time retro uniform down the road, but as a full time third jersey, it won't happen.

Drew Celestino said...

Personally I'd love to see the 40th anniversary jerseys stick around. They are seriously classy. But if they're a one and done, I'm sure the Sabres wouldn't hesitate to introduce yet another jersey as their third, seeing as Sabres fans seem to love buying them.