Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome to Failapalooza 2013, your headliner, the Buffalo Sabres.

I had to actually hunt down my password just so I could post this...I never ever everrrrrrr expected to type one more single word on this blog...Crapsnacks was I ever wrong!  

I think Neil Degrasse Tyson can help me better to understand Theoretical Astrophysics more easily than any member of the Buffalo Sabres' Creative Services, Brand Strategy, and Executive departments at explaining how this jersey ever survived the full design process, was agonizingly teased via social media, and will mind-blowingly be offered for pre-order next month.

All involved should be whipped with a belt and grounded.  You have (once again) damaged the team's brand nationwide, took a blow torch to good will, and really let down a lot more fans than you can imagine.

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