Friday, August 31, 2007

1 Million Dollars for the Canucks' new look?

Rumors only said the price tag for the Sabres awful logo design and implementation was tagged at only $200,000 dollars (and that included putting the charging angry yellow penis on the HSBC scoreboard).

For Canuck fans I think the jersey looks pretty good. The wordmark actually helps out the Orca in my eyes, but the wordmark itself is way too big in typeface and no doubt will crowd the jersey of Captain Markus Naslund. But after watching a day full of college football teams with awkward piping and wordmarks on the front of the jersey, I think NHL designers are trying to follow suit and make this the norm in design from now on.

Reactions for the latest RBK Edge design are again...Mixed.

Really only time will sort this out but if the Canucks play well, just like the Sabres last year, will only boost sales and provide a rather false validation for the look and logo.

So to keep that from happening, if you hate it, DON'T BUY IT and stick to your guns! It doesn't make you any less or more of a fan if you purchase it or not as long as you root for the team and put your butt in the seats.

But if the majority of fans approve or not of the new look, 1 million dollars to spend on a logo is rather absurd.

I always love a good mockery. Thanks to Chirs from the NHL Tournament of logos for putting up this redundant beauty of redundancy.

Pfizer, the guy who is now in the business of logo genetics and breeding...and brought us this very humorous "mating" of all Vancouver's logos. Notice how the Orca has evolved into a skating machine and is toasty warm wearing Johnny Canuck's beanie.

He did the same thing for the Sabres as well at my request...


Andre said...

I love the fact that the Canucks returned to their vintage uniform design and colours. However, the orca MUST go. True blue Sabre fans rightfully say: We are Sabres, not Slugs. Well, the same holds true for us Vancouver fans: We are Canucks, not Orcas. The Orca was originally put on our uniforms because it was to promote the Canucks' ownership, Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment. The real truth is, is that the Canucks ownership is going through a legal battle in court with a verdict expected in early 2008. The Canucks are not allowed to remove the Orca until the trial is over. The Vancouver wording is just window dressing to tone down the Orca until it's removed. I love the original Stick in the Rink C logo, but the most appropriate logo for the team is the Johnny Canuck lumberjack. This would explain the origin of our team name. And as much as I hated the Sabres back in the late 70s and early 80s, Buffalo had CLASSIC uniforms. So, Sabre fans, don't give up your fight to have your TRUE uniforms back.

Charlie @ Sabres Not Slugs said...

Good stuff Andre...I hope when all the legal dust has settled, the orca can take a hike and the Canucks wind up using a lot of those great Jonny Canuck concept I've seen out there.

Thank you very much for the support!