Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Subtle change to the Sabres home page header.

Maybe this was done because the NHL now runs all the web pages and realize some of the aesthetic error with this atrocious logo...or like Brian Campbell, the slug chose to not negotiate his contract now and he hopes to be traded by February.

The soon to be worst logo in the NHL now has to hide its pointed torso behind the Sabres wordmark.

We here have answered, a site touting Sabres should sport a Sabre or two...Such an oversight on my part. Thanks Drew.


I'm embarassed and can't believe they try to sell slug crap like this featuring RBK's exclusive Ass-Hat fabric technology:

It makes me want to bust out some Zubaz pants, pinch roll them suckers, and kick some ass to Milli Vanilli.

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Drew Celestino said...

It's interesting to note who is no longer on that header. Maxim Afinogenov was up there for a long time (in an original blue uni to boot). Now he's gone. And the great throwback jersey in the header with him. Hmm...