Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Great News on Richard Zednik...

A couple days removed from his gruesome injury, news is that his condition has been upgraded to Good, that he is out of the Intensive Care Unit of Buffalo General and his discharge is possible within the next 48-72 hours.

Many Buffalo fans have had the displeasure of seeing such a brutal injury happen twice in front of their eyes over the years. I am in no way trying to connect what fans in person and on television witnessed live to even remotely relate to what Malarchuk and Zednik went through on any level. It was no doubt tough on everyone and especially for those two brave men who were within seconds of bleeding to death and the sharp quick acting medical staff who saved their lives.

I hope the press backs off these two men and seriously doesn't try to egg on some public meeting of these two with the notion that it would be good for hockey and their still healing minds from the incident. Leave each of these men alone, let them both go on with their lives and careers. If they choose to meet, respect it, be decent, and let it be done in private with little attention and fanfare. But each man will probably continue to heal from this for the rest of their lives in their own ways and nothing should be forced on them.

Lesson Finally Learned: The NHL should seriously consider getting all players used to wearing face and neck protection, starting at the Junior level.

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