Monday, February 25, 2008

Making a circular logo work...

I suppose this is a good time to respond to Phil's comments...Someone out there took one of the better looking logo updates (that has been around for awhile) and turned it into a reality. Critics may dislike the simplicity, but our president George W. Bush once said that "Good solid simple democraticative logo design should be simple...This ain't rocket surgery you know." To answer that, look at how Boston subtly updated their uniform and created one of the best looking of the Edge jerseys on the ice this season.

This concept logo takes original elements from each logo set, the original bison and adds updated larger swords that we got from the shoulder emblem and the red alternate thirds of the goat head era jerseys. Too simple and yet so difficult to grasp by professional trained marketers and designers. It does a good job of incorporating elements from the teams history unlike the current logo which offers the same claim by management. I simply do not see what the hell they are talking about. They stole the Bills' logo, gave him jaundice, hacked off his legs and told him to slither or "charge" to Toronto and be "stylish" while you do it.

I'm more than puzzled that the Sabres think tank and brick layers either #1 Didn't have the collaborative brain power to come up with this on their own and avoid Logogate all together or #2 Let Reebok's design bullies railroad them into the ground with the slug and early Edge System friendly logo.

Wow, an updated variant of the vintage logo "working" on a uniform like I've never imagined. Do you see how much more balanced in color the dark blue looks in the middle of a white uniform instead of the slugster below? However to me, it still looks like an modern and stylish updated uniform with the newer sleeker design elements on the sleeves and front numbers. (a couple things RBK and the Sabres did right in my opinion) Even with this updated crest, it still gives plenty of room to the hardcore vintage lovers out there in keeping the vintage as a distinctively different and profitable 3rd jersey to sell to fans. Peas and Carrots. All along, that jersey above is what I envisioned with excitement back in 2006 as I waited for the return to the blue and gold and long before the slug leaked out and signaled the beginning of the managing partner's brilliant Guerilla marketing campaign to kick in. All the while angry and outraged fans failed to get angry, outraged, and organized enough to matter before a hypnotic complacency kicked in as a result of the Sabres surge to a 10-0 start to the 06' season. Not to mention the managing partner throwing 15 games worth of vintage eye candy at the fans. The only thing clinically proven to keep a horrible logo around...Winning. Most fans including myself would prefer winning more than the Sabres looking good. But I still argue, any professional sports teams should have the right to do both at the same time. (I'll omit my obvious "Office Space" reference here)

Maybe I'm looking at that beautiful thing now hanging in my closet above with rose colored glasses. I'd prefer rose than piss colored glasses any day of the week.


Drew Celestino said...

As I've told you on the phone and through email, pure class right there Charlie. That jersey is what the Sabres SHOULD be wearing. The difference the blue makes on the white jersey is incredible. It feels complete in a way the slug will never be able to match.

Phil said...

Someone was at the arena in 302 wearing one of those on Sat. at the Rangers game. And it was breathtaking. Like a wildest dream come true.

But that actually doesn't answer my question. I'm more interested in seeing what fans can do with a modification of the Slug as that will be the most realistic alternative to the standard Slug right now.

Charlie @ Sabres Not Slugs said...

Phil...some folks out there did in fact give it a try.

I really do not think it is possible to make the slug work...even if you give it legs!

Check these out.

Coluch said...

That jersey is infinitely better than the current travesty upon professional hockey. I could still do without the numbers on the front, and would like to see the return of some horizontal lines.

Where can a guy get one of these?

Charlie @ Sabres Not Slugs said...

The concept patches and jerseys have been available on eBay or by email.

Brian C said...

whats the email address? cause i cant find them on ebay anymore.