Friday, May 16, 2008

The Gordon's Sabres.

A couple days ago, I received in my inbox, a really cool uniform from a guy's Senior league team. They are the Gordon's Sabres who represent Gordon's, a great looking watering hole on Delaware Ave in Buffalo. And let me tell you, they offer great drink specials, $3.50 Jager bombs where I come from is an unheard of value for my boozing dollar. I'll choose a value priced Jager Bomb over a gallon of gas anyday. More impressive is the great job they did designing their uniforms. What a cool look, and John who shot me the email, said simply, "We wanted to do what the Sabres should have done."

Between the logo and personnel failures, it's growing ever more apparent there was a ton of things the Sabres should have done the last two years. Own up to it, stop pissing on people's heads and calling it rain.

The Gordon's jersey is a lot of fun. The slightly malnurished, but more importantly, inebriated standing Buffalo with the "G" is Gordon's logo which stand over sharp pointy thingys that I heard from urban legend and ancient Western New York mythology were once called "Sabres". Terrific! These jerseys also give us a great insight at what a Navy and metallic gold update to a vintage style uniform would hav---should hav---could have brought to the table. Winner winner Angus steak and onion ring dinner...then wash it down with a $2.25 bottle of Yuengling, ALL DAY, EVERYDAY.

And a close-up of the logo offers a close-up of embroidered awesomeness.

And here is an entire photo album of the team on the ice. GREAT JOB GUYS!


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Drew Celestino said...

I really love these unis. The Buffalo obviously wouldn't work for the Sabres, but those crossed swords cannot be replaced. They look fantastic in the gold. And I love the striping on the jerseys.

Great job Gordons! I'll have to stop in for a drink after work one of these days and give you guys props in person!