Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Former NY Islanders VP of Media Relations comments on "Fisherman" logo disaster.

This blog post comes from Chris Botta, former Media Relations Vice President of the New York Islanders who worked for the team when they launched the infamous "Fisherman" logo and jersey. You know it's bad when players and management knew with confidence they screwed up even before the jersey was officially released.
THE TALE OF THE FISHERMAN JERSEY Or, Shame and Mutiny on the Bounty

The idea of a new Islanders logo was immediately lost with the thought, “Hey, we should change the logo”! It could have been the coolest, most dynamic logo in the history of sports, and it still would have been a preposterous notion. And that’s without even getting into the nauseating wave at the bottom of the jerseys. Darius Kasparaitis and Travis Green were two of the lucky ones around to model it. When Darius saw the jersey, his reaction went something like this:

“Oh ma Gahd, we’re going to look like ####’in #####es.”


Drew Celestino said...

You'll never see that sort of candid response from anyone in the Sabres organization.

Chappy said...

dig that picture.

jamie mclennan uniform behind travis green FTW