Thursday, October 30, 2008

Islanders trying to do something right?

In a trail of Chris(es), comes an interesting idea from the Islanders. I (Chris #1) direct you through Chris over at Icethethics to Chris over NYI Point Blank. He (Chris #3) reported today that the Isles are looking into using their new throwback third jerseys as their primary jerseys starting next season or, possibly, in 2010-11. What a great idea! Only thing that could make such an idea even better would be if the switch were to coincide with an important date for the franchise ... like, say, a 40th anniversary!

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Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

Welcome Chris! And finally, I think that RBK-Reebok (whoever teh hell they are now) and the NHL have finally realized that a good iconic hockey sweater is a little more sacred than the regular professional sports jersey.