Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Lack of Identity

Charlie's last post reminded me of something that I had been thinking about for quite a while, particularly in the early days of the slug's sad existence. Not only is it aesthetically crippled, but it's not even original or unique in any capacity.

Take another look at this hat...

And tell me it's not a blatant rip-off of this...

Or even this...

Say what you will about the black and red era, but at least the angry goat logo wasn't a blatant ripoff of more successful sports teams' intellectual property and brand identities. Likewise with the third jersey crossed-sabres logo.

And most certainly, the original Sabres logo was unique. There was no mistaking it for anything else. It invoked civic pride, as well as the team name, all at once. Yet it remains on the shelf in favor of a blatant swipe job.

A lot like the team on the ice this year, the slug has no identity. And just like the team on the ice, we have management to thank.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Subtle change to the Sabres home page header.

Maybe this was done because the NHL now runs all the web pages and realize some of the aesthetic error with this atrocious logo...or like Brian Campbell, the slug chose to not negotiate his contract now and he hopes to be traded by February.

The soon to be worst logo in the NHL now has to hide its pointed torso behind the Sabres wordmark.

We here have answered, a site touting Sabres should sport a Sabre or two...Such an oversight on my part. Thanks Drew.


I'm embarassed and can't believe they try to sell slug crap like this featuring RBK's exclusive Ass-Hat fabric technology:

It makes me want to bust out some Zubaz pants, pinch roll them suckers, and kick some ass to Milli Vanilli.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Slug is penciled in as early Vegas favorite to win worst NHL logo...EVER.

Installed as a very lukewarm 7/2 favorite. Its predecessor, the Angry Goat Head also was nominated and looks to compete with the other shitty logos that have been designed in NHL history.

ESPN's Hammerin Hank says: "The chalk talks in this race."

Chris has done a hell of a job on his site over at the NHL Tourney of Logos, so if the owner of the Washington Capitals chose to personally acknowledge his work, then RBK, the NHL, and hopefully every single one of the managing partners of all NHL teams in Western New York are peeking at this contest as well.

So fecal smear, best of luck to you old friend in this contest. It won't be easy matching up with the Corporate Disney's Mighty Ducks or the brutal Dallas Mooterus but we think you are God awful enough in your own way to finish in the money, complete your legless destiny, and make your uninspired creators ashamed you were ever born.