Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Confirmation of a switch!

So, I was listening to Schopp & the Bulldog today and they were discussing the Bills celebrating their 50th Anniversary. They were talking about which year should be the 50th given that they were founded in 1959, but started playing in 1960. This led to discussion of the Canadiens' 100th and then Bulldog asked Mike Schopp, "don't the Sabres have one coming up?" Schopp replied "yeah, I learned this when I interviewed Larry ... that they will be going to a white version of that throwback jersey that they wore against the Rangers the other night, because they want a more classic look ... that will be in 2010-11."

Sounds like Larry did, in fact, confirm the switch! Don't know if I can handle another season of the Slug, but at least the light at the end of the tunnel may finally be in view.

***EDIT by Charlie***

Wanted to again give an idea of what the updated white jersey would look like from one of Carpandean's past ideas.

And while I'm at it, it's about damn time. Whether the slug was RBK's idea or not, thank you for distancing yourself from such a ridiculous logo. Now give Frank Cravotta some overtime and get hot working on this white jersey. I don't care if he is on salary or not!


Drew Celestino said...

You know, this post makes me think of something I've wanted to bring up. I overheard folks on WGR, I forgot who, but it was on the pre-game show and I know Paul Hamilton was on, discussing the third jersey the first game it was worn.

They lamented the current unis and wondered why we ever went with the slug and wondered what the Sabres were thinking and why they didn't just go with these when they made the switch back to blue and gold.

This from the station that lambasted me, called me out, made nasty comments about me, and defended the slug since its inception.

So to hear them now changing their tune, all I have to say is "BULLSHIT." What a bunch of hypocritical revisionists. I won't give them the honor of being called journalists. HACKS. Sensationalist HACKS.

Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

All right, we must get WGR to vomit this one up in the audio vault!

Phil said...

Aaaaaaand the best-looking jerseys in hockey are on their way back home!

Drew Celestino said...

Technically, the white jersey should have blue numbers.

But hell yeah, I can't wait for the whites to show up!

carpandean said...

What do you mean? They're blue ...

*wink*-*wink* *nod*-*nod*
Old switch-er-roo.

(Stupid jpeg. Gold outline around numbers kinda faded.)

Drew Celestino said...

Killer job dude. Now THOSE are uniforms.