Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yeah. That says Yashin.

What could possibly explain this? Was this whale fart huffing diesel fuel? I never thought I would say this, but (deep breath in) I really hope that's their last name on the back of that Vanek jersey. Because if it's not....... That's just fucking retarded. One of the biggest dissapointmemts in NHL history. Thats bad enough. It's like that tub of shit you see walking into Buffalo wild wings with a Ryan Leaf jersey. Except its on a Bills jersey. And it has barf with tiny chunks of cheetos on it. What amount of baby shaking produces a brain capable of such tomfoolery? Yeah I said tomfoolery! I am freaking the fuck out. Listen. I'm gonna make a cocktail and sit down for a minute. Just continue to stare in awe. I have nothing else to say.

P.S. I lied. This jersey should be set on fire and put out with a fifty gallon drum of hobo piss. Now I'm done.

Posted by ShoZu


carpandean said...


You should send that over to:

At least it's on a slug jersey. If anyone ever desecrated a classic-logo jersey like that, I might literally have to take their jersey and burn it.

Drew Celestino said...

Sick Jersey Bro could be the funniest blog I've ever come across. Someone needs to call out jersey douche-baggery, and now there is someone out there willing and able to deliver.

This one deserves entry for sure!

carpandean said...

OK, I feel stupid. I completely didn't realize that it was COA (of sickjerseybro) that posted it originally.

Phil said...

Oh boy, I hope when I buy my Slayer jersey and customize it to be a Lydman jersey, I don't wind up on SJB - after all, Lydman's favorite band is Slayer and it would be an AWESOME jersey!

Drew Celestino said...

I would love to jam with Lydman.