Thursday, April 15, 2010

*cough* THIRDS *cough*

and a nice 2-1 win, too.


Drew Celestino said...

Looks like the Sabres will be donning the thirds for all home playoff games. Combined with all playoff branding I've seen so far containing the vintage logo, it's just awesome to see the slug finally being put to rest.

Now if only they could break out the vintage whites for the road games... Ah well. Next year. :)

Daniel said...

I know the sabres' former farm team the Rochester Amerks used to break out their vintage uniforms from time to time in the playoffs because they were considered lucky (the last calder cup win for the amerks came in the year they wore the throwbacks for almost every home game). Is such a thing legal/possible for the sabres? They could just use the design from the winter classic, those were RBK jerseys so its not a problem from a sponsorship point of view.

carpandean said...

Good question. I imagine that we would not see that happen until the finals, if at all. I hope they are around long enough for us to find out.