Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A victory for the cause?

We all know that the Slug won't be back next year. However, with no regular season home games left, has the Slug seen its final game at HSBC?

A poster at SabreSpace "is hearing" that Florida was the final game with the Blue Slugs. In other words, they will wear the thirds during the playoffs at home.

If it's true, then this is a major milestone for SNS!

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Drew Celestino said...

Notice the use of the classic logo for the Playoffs marketing as well. Front and center right on the Sabres' front page.


Awesome to see. Hope they go full retro for the playoffs. Not sure what the rules are regarding such a thing, but I know other teams have used their thirds throughout the playoffs in the past, and some others are doing it this year as well.

Now if only we could break out the Winter Classic jersey as the playoff road white... C'mon NHL, cut us some slack!