Thursday, October 4, 2007

Banner Alterations???

I have no specifics yet, but I am getting word that the Sabres have altered their banners in HSBC Arena.

Does anyone out there have pictures they'd like to share? Before I get too deep into this topic, I'd like to know specifically what is being done.

But let me just say that no matter what they're doing, even if it's conservative, I think it's a bad move.

History should not be revised. History should not be forgotten.

I'll keep an eye on this. Again, if anyone has specifics, please, let us know.


Tom said...

Drew...buddy. Relax. NONE of the Blue and gold have been touched.

Drew Celestino said...

Thanks for the input Tom. Can you give me any specifics on what was touched?

I'm quite relaxed. I just don't like our current management/ownership consistently ignoring the past.

Despite my preference of the blue and gold, I don't want the team to suddenly pretend the red & black never happened. It did. The Sabres went to the Stanley Cup Finals in those uniforms, and even though they just seem awkward in hindsight, they happened.

Charlie said...

Hopefully all they do is unveil the presidents trophy banner.

But then the worse I can imagine is they go all slug with the banners both past and present. That would be unthinkable.

Drew Celestino said...

I guess we'll find out soon enough. But perhaps all they did was alter the black and red to the blue and gold.

But even then... it seems wrong. And I don't even really like the black and red.

BigTimeHousleyFan said...

"...I don't want the team to suddenly pretend the red & black never happened. It did."

This is slightly off topic from the banners, but this statement reflects what I don't understand about those who are upset that the Sabres have "defied tradition" with this logo change. If there was a time that our logo defied tradition, it was the 1996 change to black and red. Sure there were some protests when the black and red originally came out, but once those died down and the "Goat" was accepted, what was the Sabres organization supposed to think about our ties to tradition? To me, it showed that we obviously didn't care much about our "traditions" - why else would we be okay with a complete makeover? The teams that people pointed to that were able to merely update their logos throughout the years (the Oilers, Devils, etc) never had 10 years of completely different logos/colors in between.

I know what you're thinking - this year, the Capitals did exactly what I'm arguing against. I understand that. I also realize they might have even done this because of the backlash of the new Sabres logo. I'm not saying what Washington did couldn't have been done in Buffalo - it easily could have, and it could have set the precedent that the Capitals have set now. I'm just saying our fans showed their thoughts on "tradition" in 1996, and that's something that is difficult to overturn so many years later. WE can't pretend red & black didn't happen either...

Charlie said...

I would agree...The Sabres again dipped in the same well. Sure they went to Navy Blue and Maize...but still stuck with a Buffalo head for a logo. I think we got fooled again...two time in 10 years. That's why I'm upset.

Red and Black was puzzling at the time but it happened.

Most fans figured the return to blue and gold meant blue and gold with the vintage crest. Management cleverly left the slug detail out of it.

It was deceptive and wrong.