Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why did the Bills have to lose that way...again?

In my short existence on this earth I have had to live with more than our fair share of bad sports luck in Buffalo.

Wide Right, 4 Super Bowl losses, No Goal, Music City Miracle, Week 1 vs. Denver, and now last night. Instead of earning respect as a young and tough football team, the Buffalo Bills gave even more people reason to laugh at them...plus they gave away another football game. I didn't think I could have felt as awful as I did vs. the Broncos week one. But history repeats itself again...and all Dick Jauron can do is be bashful about it. At least last year with the same type of game between Chicago and Arizona, Dennis Green had some better sound bytes during the post game press conference.

Even with the Kevin Everett tragedy, I thought the Bills could play some inspired football and they did last night for 59 minutes and 59 seconds.

Of course I'm gonna fish my Poz jersey out of the trash but it needs to enjoy the stench for a bit and then I might hang myself with it in the garage to complete my Bills fan experience in this plain of existance.

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Drew Celestino said...

Believe me man... I felt totally demoralized last night. I can't imagine what the locker room must be going through.