Saturday, December 27, 2008


As much as I hate to admit it, I do own an authentic RBK (2006-07) Roy home Slug jersey. Side-by-side, this jersey puts that one to shame. I also have an authentic RBK (2006-07) Pominville third (royal blue throwback.) This jersey looks far more modern, but still has an old-school feel. Sure, there are a few details that I would change (e.g., silver piping), but that does little to take away from the fact that this a great looking jersey.


Drew Celestino said...

"As much as I hate to admit it, I do own an authentic RBK (2006-07) Roy home Slug jersey."

You're teetering on losing your posting privileges. lol

Killer jersey!

carpandean said...

Funny story: I bought letters/numbers on Ebay for a third jersey (Roy, obviously) that I gave to my brother for Xmas last year. Unfortunately, the guy sent me the rounded ones for the home jersey. He sent me the correct ones, but also gave me the option to buy the wrong ones on the cheap. I did and picked up the jersey on Ebay for practically nothing (understandably.)

I want to have one each jersey ever worn (I also have authentic Peca black goathead and Satan white goathead jerseys, plus a game worn Roy black goathead), including the slugs for their, hopefully, historic value. Collectors buy the Gordan Fisherman jerseys for that reason, too.

carpandean said...

Two other notes:

1) I paid about half of what a customized authentic third would have cost from the Sabres/NHL.

2) This is my second size 50 (the game-worn Roy is the other*.) Don't know why they decided to offer that size instead of the 48 that I usually buy.

* It's from pre-season 2002 (he played for Kitchener that year) and he switched to 52 after that year.