Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Buffalo Bisons new logo unveiling...

Yesterday the Buffalo Bisons unveiled the team's new logo which correlates with the team's new affiliation with the New York Mets.

I'm only speaking for myself right now and not the rest of the guys that contribute here but I have a few words that came to mind the instant I saw the logo:

Relevant. Symbolic. Exciting. Hey, that's not a goathead, not a slug, there is no doubt that it's a Bison!

I like the NYC skyline in front, behind the Queen City skyline. It is a little too busy in details with the Bison but forgiveable considering that it CLEARLY looks like a Bison. Too abstract, you get the slug, too detailed, goathead. It is very respectful of the new partnership and there is some real thought and care was put into the logo's creation. I had an instant positive connection to the logo and it seems very well received by the public. I wasn't a big fan of the sliding malnurished Minotaur in the green and red. This is a nice upgrade in both the color scheme and logo set. I am anxiously awaiting to see the uniforms in January. That could make or break the whole package. Hopefully the new duds include some classic Mets pin stripes and even possibly a different logo on the hats.

My hats off to Phoenix Design Works, the Bisons, and the Mets who put together a terrific new identity.


dave in Rocha said...

I have to disagree. Sure, the Buffalo is a nice middle ground between too abstract and too detailed, but the whole thing is just way too busy. The buffalo on its own might be a good logo, but add in the baseball, two skylines, and two words and it's too much.

Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

Fair enough! The busy Bison could be what polarizes fans with the logo. So far I do like it. The only thing is that I would not want to see that logo on the hats when the uniforms are unveiled.