Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New road thirds?

OK, not really, but we are wearing our thirds tonight in Toronto. Reason why? Toronto has white thirds.


Drew Celestino said...

Third Vs. Third is a rare thing, but oh so awesome in this case.

Phil said...

Best looking match-up in the league

Let's improve the thirds to 5-1!

carpandean said...

Lol Phil, are we going to win twice tonight? ;-p

We're 3-1 in the thirds (wins against Boston, Pittsburgh and LA; loss against Toronto at HSBC.)

I'll take 4-1 tonight and wait for 5-1 in their next game in the thirds.

Phil said...

Oh, cripes. I'm a tard. Ya got me!

4-1 then! I love seeing our thirds against the Leafs. To me, it adds something to the rivalry.

carpandean said...

Ah, no biggie. Just thinking ahead.

I agree, it adds something to the game.

I could actually see the Maple Leafs switch back to those jerseys with the "new" team that they are building. They haven't won a cup since they switched.

Obviously, I could see us switching to ours, too. I see it in my dreams. :-)