Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sneak peak of the new RBK Edge uniform...

Please pay attention to this quote from Brian Campbell and it's something I touched on previously:

“Our fans are probably going to enjoy it because we haven’t changed very much,” Campbell said. “It’s almost exactly the same. I’ve seen other teams unveil their jerseys and there are changes to the logos, but the nice thing is our fans can keep wearing our same type of jersey and they don’t have to go out and buy more.”

The orgainization and their marketing staff is actually sharp on this one (besides who designed the logo).

The team made more than enough money last season is sales to weather "sluggish" (pun intended) sales this year and are paitently waiting for the end of the vintage third jersey moratorium and everyone else also waiting for the vintage Edge jersey in 2008-2009...

It's a brilliant strategy and move to protect merchandise revenue...not that they had a choice with the NHL scrapping third jerseys for the time being.

At this point the simple alternative is for Sabres fans who hate the logo to DEMAND that the vintage becomes the primary uniform and logo of the team when they come back...IF THEY COME BACK!

While I support the designs of the New Blue And Gold project which clearly offer a far SUPERIOR design than the current logo, the least cost alternative and most realistic solution for fans and the team over this logo debate is what I outlined above. At least with the new HD scoreboard (which is awesome) they can easily scroll either logo to display for the fans.

Be sure to note the results of the best Sabres logo in history voting at the NHL Tournament of logos...

Best Sabres Logo in History.

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