Thursday, September 20, 2007

Top logo design don'ts


1. Designing a logo that is too trendy. Your logo needs to have some longevity.

2. A logo that arouses unwanted associations. Does the logo look like a falic symbol, or some other unintended shape?

Looks like number 2 is a no brainer...

(I have the original copy at home, but that was given to me by a fellow coworker who isn't even a hockey fan but is a fan of safety scissors and sharpie markers.)

3. Doing your logo yourself. (Unless, of course, you're an experienced designer)

4. Forgetting about your customer.

5. Looking too much like your competitors.

6. Thinking that colors and fonts don't matter.

7. Trying to communicate too much with your logo.

8. Stay away from gradients and blends of color.

***If you go by their criteria, the Sabres seriously ignored at least 6 of the 8 points and could be argued for ignoring all of them.

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