Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Those at HSBC and watching on Sabres TV might have noticed that center ice was blank during the September 20th uniform unveiling. According to some reports people at the open practice said that center ice in fact was now painted with the new vintage style logo.

Photos hopefully to follow very soon if this is true! And beatings to follow if it is not!

GOT IT! THANKS TO PETER AND KAREN! They were at the open practice and got this picture!


Here is another hi-res shot that was running around! This was originally taken by xDerekRx from the board.


peter said...

thanks to my coworker Karen whose camera phone worked much better than mine

Drew Celestino said...

Thank you Peter!

So Sabre faithful, is the writing on the wall?

Certainly looks that way!

Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

Karen I heart you.

dave in Rocha said...


Derek Renner said...

The 2nd Picture was TAKEN BY ME xDerekRx from Thanks for stealing my property and not giving credit.

Charlie @ Sabres Not said...


I got that higher resolution picture from the Sabres board from another poster who got it from Sabresfans and never gave proper credit. I do not have an active account there and was hustling to scoop the news so I apologize for not trying to get the originator's name out. The first picture was a direct email to me so I had first hand knowledge. I give credit when and where I can ALWAYS! All the stuff from Dave Rutka, Slabyk, and anyone else is properly credited, and besides those two digitally watermarks their designs. Since I now know where it came from, I'll be more than glad to update the blog and give you proper credit. Also your nettiquite tone suggests total anger, emotional devastaion, and mental anguish.

Lo siento mi amigo.

And if you didn't want other people to post the picture, you shouldn't have put it up on Sabresfans to begin with. You are only a couple mouse clicks away from getting it saved and spread around by anyone with half a pulse and basic computer knowledge. It's then open season.


Anonymous said...

I actually like the "slug" but if anything change it to the one the maker of "sabres not slugs" made up it is better

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