Monday, September 8, 2008

DRutka with some more previews of the leaked Third jersey...

There are very nice! My only hope is that the team uses new pants for the third jersey instead of using the current ones like they did for the 2006 season. The result was a bush league non-matching royal blue jersey and navy blue pants, navy helmet, and royal blue socks during the 2006 season.

And I still am pretty sure that front numbers will be on the jersey...That picture was simply an incomplete jersey missing lettering/numbering/shoulder elements. The different color between logo and crest is most likely the tackle twill material of the logo reflecting back some color where as the RBK Edge material (or whatever the hell it is now) does not.

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Drew Celestino said...

Even though those aren't real pics, I must say that those look way better in some sort of context than the leaked picture.

I am definitely buying one.