Friday, September 12, 2008

Snack time.

I felt compelled to vandalize my mid morning snack at work on this fine Friday. Can't you guys see the Sabre sword handle and sabre blade inside my banana? Notice how it doesn't make a letter 'B' shape at all. I can't help but totally think of speed and power when I look at my special charging banana. It's so obvious. Too bad for the poor guy I was hungry. His speed and power was no match for my apetite so I skinned him alive and ate him.

With the verification of the new thirds being the real deal, I am very much looking foward to fan reaction and the true feelings to come out...the ownership can't ignore that this time.

The team caught a lucky break and took advantage of winning and fan loyalty to cash in on a terrible look...and now they are set to cash in by fixing it.

Fans were finally waiting for the team to get it right. All that would be left is to update the whites (which Dave Rutka has done as a preview, I'll beg him to do one with front numbers!) and we are off again as a classy looking franchise. Imagine the vintage logo style on center ice. It makes too much sense.

You guys can make it happen!


Drew Celestino said...

Always loved the whites, and that updated mockup is fantastic. We can only sit and wait now I guess.

But make sure to vote with your wallets folks. I know I'll be buying a new third jersey this year with the hopes that our purchases will lead to it becoming the primary home jersey.

Phil said...

I literally gasped when I saw Dave's mockup of a white version of the new third.

I'm definitely buying the new third - one for my boy, too, because it's so nice to have a good looking sweater for my son

Kate said...

Ha! The banana is awesome. He really does look ferocious. :P