Saturday, November 8, 2008

Breaking news: Quinn says slug may die on 40th!!

I didn't catch the actual interview, but reports are popping up all over the place that before last night's game Larry Quinn stated that they are looking into making the original logo their primary again to correspond with their 40th!!

See, for example:

Quinn was on WGR today and Bulldog asked him about the new 3rd jerseys, and what could happen if they sell well, well received, etc..

Quinn confirmed that the team is in talks to potentially make the 3rds our PRIMARY jersey for 2010-11, which will be the 40th anniversary year.

he said the current slug jersey may be a 3rd jersey.

Larry Quinn made some interesting statements before tonight's Sabres game regarding the franchise's jerseys.

Quinn said that the team is talking about returning to the traditional jerseys and logo permanently. This would likely happen in 2010-11, the franchise's 40th season.

He said the current slugs may be related into third jerseys if that happens. Quinn stated that it depends on how well the third jerseys sell.

Could the day that we have been hoping for (well, second behind that day where a certain cup is lifted by our players) be coming soon?!

Watching here to see if they post the interview.


Drew Celestino said...

I am literally floored. I mean, I know we've all been suspecting this. But to hear it from Quinn's mouth... I'm shocked. Absolutely floored. If he's saying it, then it's happening. And I couldn't be happier!

Larry... we've had our differences... but you make good on this promise, and I'll forgive any past transgressions.

This is what we've been waiting for since the Celsius/New Blue and Gold days. And it could really be happening???

C'mon Larry. Let's be friends. Make it happen!!!

frisky1112 said...

I already ponied up my deposit money for the new ones. Just hope they fly off the shelves.

carpandean said...

I got a response from the boys at WGR about the audio file:
"Unfortunately, we do not have that interview on tape. it was accidentally purged over the weekend.
he did say that the classic logo would be utilized more in the future."


Drew Celestino said...

Still confirmation of the classic logo sticking around. Hopefully permanently. Never to be changed.

carpandean said...

He-he, yeah, it did kinda sound like my "bummer" was about it sticking around, instead of being about the loss of the tape, as intended. Confirmation that it will be sticking around and even being "utilized more" is a very good thing!

Charlie @ Sabres Not said...

Like I said...they made money with the slug because the team was winning, now they are going to make money by threatening to not change the logo unless the new thirds sell very well. At least the new jersey is worthy to be the primary jersey of the Buffalo Sabres. I really think fans would love a white version. Drutka came up with an idea here:

Drew Celestino said...

I'd buy that white one in a heartbeat Charlie.

carpandean said...

Yeah, I drew up something similar right after the new thirds came out:

I'll buy one of each if they become our primary uniforms!