Friday, November 14, 2008

Potential White New Third Jersey ideas...

Alright, now that the Notre Dame alumni, collar popping, real estate developing, Bass Pro shopping, and Buffalo Sabres minority owning Larry Quinn has hinted to WGR radio at the possibility of a full time return and use of the new Third Logo for the team's 40th anniversary, there are a couple things to be aware of so we don't all jump off the cliff like mindless lemmings:

1. How convienient that WGR lost the audio archive of the interview.

2. Quinn only mentioned a switch surrounding the team's 40th anniversary.

3. Would the change go beyond that?

4. That means we need a new white jersey too!

5. Yes, we are now voting with our wallets and making the team more money.

So these comments on the radio was his subtle acknowledgement that this logo even with it's retail success DOES NOT HAVE iconic staying power and brand loyalty with its fans. We'll he has initiated a guerilla marketing campaign all over again.

Dave (Drtuka) and our own Chris (Carpandean) each have come up with very worthy ideas for a Sabres white jersey featuring the new updated third logo. I think if people get a look at these white concepts, they would be even more receptive to the return to the true blue and gold.




Drew Celestino said...

I would proudly sport either of those white jerseys. Simply CLASS. Love it.

Phil said...

I've had Dave's concept saved to my harddrive since the day he posted it on the Sabres forums. It's a beautiful thing