Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sabres concept jersey ... with Sabres, not Slugs!

I meant to post this a while back, but real life has been a little demanding lately. Shortly before the new third came out, I started looking closely at the current jerseys. There is no denying that the current jerseys look good in spite of the slug. However, even with the abomination removed from the front, it's not perfect. So, I started making a list of what I like and do not like about them.

Navy, gold, silver and white - a little more modern color scheme than just royal and gold, though I do like the traditional aspect of the royal.
Underarm "horns" - a unique, team-related detail that was subtly added into the jersey. If nothing else, I appreciate that detail.

Missing key aspects of a hockey sweater - in particular, no waist or arm striping.
Rounded text - I'm a fan of the boxy, sharp-cornered text.
Slug - 'nough said. That's why we are here.

With that in mind, I started working on a design that I called "something old, something new." With the help of the folks over at SabreSpace, I ended up with the following:

Note: I did update the striping to match the new third jerseys after they came out and would use that same updated logo.

Edit per Drew's suggestion:


Drew Celestino said...

The new third jersey really isn't that far off from what you came up with there. Not too bad. I just think the arm stripes on your design are too low, residing on the forearm, almost in danger of being covered up by the players' gloves.

But even still, I like them. And god damn do I want to see a new white jersey. Those always were some of the sharpest in the league and they deserve to come back.

carpandean said...

And that's why I like the new thirds! ;-)

However, I prefer the Buffalo horns to the third's random piping and silver arm pit patch. As for the striping, I thinks that a consequence of a bad template (arms seem proportionally too short.) The piping crosses just below the numbers, so there should be room for the stripes to be in the normal spot.

Definitely agree about the whites. Loved the original, loved the WC and would love to see a new version.

carpandean said...

Posted a new version per Drew's suggestion.

Drew Celestino said...

Nice! Subtle, but definitely an improvement!

Let's cross our fingers for the 40th anniversary. You've given me some serious GAS for an updated white. lol